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Who makes it and how does it all happy?

So How does it all work and who actually makes it and what does handmade actually mean?

Limited Edition, one of a kind pieces can be purchased in person at Burnt Sienna Studio or online.

Bespoke pieces are made after a serious of meeting have happened either through email, video chat(zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp) or in person at Burnt Sienna Studio.


Expect Bespoke pieces to take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the schedule. 


The starting cost is usually around $2000 (for gold and platinum pieces) The cost for custom work is subject to marker pricing on stones and metal as well as design and fabrication fees.


All money exchanged between client and studio for custom work is final sale. Rings will include one complimentary resize were recipient was not present for ring sizing.


Handmade means just that designer and goldsmith Andrea denElzen makes every piece of jewellery either hand carving wax to cast into metal or fabricated original piece straight from the metal. right to the finishing steps of hand polish.(you can look on the Instagram feed to check out a bunch of clips of the various steps.)



Design Process for bespoke pieces:

1.  Initial Meeting
This first meeting allows us to get acquainted.  I explain the entire custom design process to you so you know what to expect from me.  I also let you know what your responsibilities are.  If you choose to have me design a piece for you, we proceed with:

Review of general jewellery designs so I understand what you like or just as important, what you don’t care for in the way of design. 
Discussion of your life style so your jewellery works with that style. 
Due Date (when you want your job completed) 
Time Frame to complete the project. 
Custom design process from beginning to completion of work. 
Release of gems to designer (or discussion of gems to memo in) 


To start the design process and sourcing of stones a $250 deposit is required this will be put towards the final bill as both drawings and gem sourcing takes time.

How many different stones will I get to choose from.

That depends on a couple of things… rarity of stone, range of choices available. Usually 1-3.

What is the price I should expect to pay?

The average amount spent on a custom ring is $6000CAD. Usual minimum cost for custom engagement rings is $3000CAD, gold wedding bands start at $1000CAD, a custom made solitaire mount starts at $1800CAD plus the cost of a stone. 


Can I bring my own stones or gold?

Yes I would love to see old pieces be made/recycled into something you’d love to wear… there are limitations.  

Stones mostly once inspected but be aware that taking stones out of old jewellery is labour intensive and not a free service. Also we don’t rework diamond melee (chips) unless over a certain size.

Gold maybe reused and melted down old pieces but it depends on the quality of metal that is provide. In house we use newly refined gold which is recycled gold that has be processed and alloyed properly in a factory setting


2.   Meeting to View Stones & Sketches:

Choose design 
Discuss changes/adjustments 
Review estimate - 50% deposit required

How many designs ideas will there be to chose from?

Good Question usually 3 but as many as 5



3.   Final meeting for delivery of piece

Finished piece is handed over and the Balance collected (including tax) 
On internet orders, the final payment must be received prior to shipping.
As you can see, this process may take as many as five meetings to as few as three.  You are in control through out the entire process making changes up to the final stage before casting or fabrication.
A full description of the work is provided with your invoice. 

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