Custom Design

Topaz Ring
Sterling Silver and Topaz Ring
Green Amethyst Ring
Sterling Silver and Green Amethyst Ring
Interlocking Tanzanite
3 Tanzanite set in Sterling silver in interlocking stacking ring
Interlocking Tanzanite
Interlocking/stacking ring tanzanite ring
Sapphire and diamonds
Oval Sapphire set with 18K white gold with small diamonds sprinkled around
Garnet Ring
Sterling Silver and Garnet Ring
Silver, Gold and Citrine Ring
Sterling Silver, 18 karat Gold and Citrine Ring
Silver, Gold and  Cubic Ring
Sterling Silver, 18karat Gold and Cubic Zirconia
Sliver Topaz Ring
Sterling Silver and Topaz Ring
Silver Amethyst Ring
Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring
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